Nov 4, 2011

Kewpie Doll coffee table

Scary of kawaii?  0_o


"Ugly Cupid" table @ the Tokyo designers week 2011.
Would you place a coffee table like this in your house? I would! 

"Ugly Cupid"koffietafel @ Tokyo designers week 2011.
Zou jij een koffietales als deze in je huis plaatsen? Ik wel!


Vyvy said...

to be honest... I might get nightmares LOL actually no not really, these probably won't give me nightmares as much as doll heads that wink hahaha but this is pretty interesting!

M'leikie said...

I have the same! I still don't know if it's freaky or cute :P As long it's not dark in the room i don't mind ;)