Jul 26, 2011

DIY: How to make a panda rice ball (onigiri)


I've put this on  my "what to do " list  ^_^
I love the bento tutorials @ youtube!
And also another funny tutorial of "cooking with dog"!

Ook deze heb ik op mijn " nog te doen" lijst staan  ^_^
Ik ben gek van de bento tutorials op youtube!
En ook nog een grappige tutorial van "cooking with dog"!


Mamta and Mima said...

Hello! Your blog is great! I love all your DIY tagged posts <3 Love your blog, we're gonna follow you from now on!

M'leikie said...

Tnx!!! I'ts nice to hear that the time i'm putting into my crafts & blogs were appreciated! Tnx for the follow! X Maleikie