Jul 25, 2011

Light up your house with candy!

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For the candylovers...
Candy lamps! Isn't this lamp awesome? Made of approx 3000 gummibears!

Voor de zoetekauwen..
Snoep verlichting! Is deze lamp niet supergaaf? Gemaakt van ong. 3000 gummibeeertjes!
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More gummibears.....

Love this tooooo......

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Or what about some M&M's..
Of wat dacht je van wat M&M's?

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And don't forget to brush your teeth...>_<

En niet vergeten je tanden te poetsen! >_<


Miss R. said...

I have tootsie roll string lights like those m&m ones. Cute!

M'leikie said...

Sweet! do you have a picture of it?