Aug 29, 2011

Cute craft: bracelet with felt flower

A birthday gift for my neighbour.
A sweet bracelet made of pearl beads and a felt flower, inspired by the DIY of Julie at cut out and keep.
Awesome site, check it out for a overdose of DIY's, i ♥ it!!!

Een verjaardags kadootje voor mijn buurvrouw.
Een schattig armbandje met parelkralen en een vilten bloem, geïnspireerd door de DIY van Julie op
Supergave site, neem een kijkje voor een overdosis DIY's, i ♥ it!!


my very own lookbook said...

wat leuk!

Sandra said...

awww it's turned out to be so cute
lol it's seems to me that now everybody is going to cut out and keep they have projects on just about anything

Maria said...
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Maria said...

Thanks for the comment ! <33 Did you ever used chrome nail polish?

And LOVE the looks very cute. I can see a whole look with it. A very cute light pink dress, with a cute bow on the head xD excuse me from daydreaming about the bracelete ^^

I must add..the cupcakes in ur previous post looks very delicious !!

M'leikie said...

@ Sandra, it's so addictive :P
@ Maria, no i didn't but i love the color so i will try it;)

And im dreaming with u,..i want to make a whole bunch of it in every color, maybe i will also make one for a next giveaway!